The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) pays for most of your childrens medical visits at this office. However, many services, some medical and most administrative services are no longer insured by OHIP.

Uninsured Services that ARE covered by the Annual Fee Program are:

- Prescription renewal by phone or fax at Drs' discreton $25  - TB skin test $20

- Phone Advice - Physician or RN at Drs' discretion $30 - Sick note/back to school/daycare $20

- Lost Notes/Prescriptions $15 -Immunization Record Replacement $25

- Notes/Letters on behalf of patients (when appropriate depending on work required) $25

- Note for orthotics/massage/chiropody $25 - Daycare notes for medication $20

- Federal Dissability Tax Credit and related forms $35  - School/camp forms $25

- Photocopying/faxing at Drs' discretion $25 - Travel Cancellation Insurance Form $30 -$50

- Administering of injections for travel $25

Uninsured Services that are NOT Covered By the Annual Fee Program:

- Missed Appointment $30 - $60 - Transfer of Medical Records $35 - $100

- Photocopying chart at patient request $35 - $100   - Copying pages 1-5 $35 $0,50c for each page following 

- Insurance Forms OMA rate - Legal Reports OMA rate

Please note: All forms and letters take a minimum of two weeks to complete and will be provided to the patient/parent for pick up or by mail. 

Annual Fees: June 1 2016 - May 31 2017 

  • Individual Child $100.00
  • Family $175.00

Annual Fee Payments must be received by September 30th,  2016.  Payable to your pediatrician Dr Michael Peer, Dr Sheila Jacobson or Dr Carolyn Taylor.

Individual Services will be invoiced to the patient as the services are rendered and block fee has not been received.

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